Life-Changing Programs

A Way to Overcome your Crisis

The Young Starr Movement offers innovative programs aimed at reversing the negative effects of silence and raising awareness about the issues affecting thousands of people in our community. Our programs, events, and activities strive to promote positive self-esteem, empowerment, love, understanding, and collective/individual engagement to help others.


Our Programs

Unlike any other domestic violence advocacy organization, Young Starr Movement provides music therapy to victims. This can often serve as a tool to help heal individuals that have suffered from domestic violence. Music Therapy is designed to reduce stress, improve coping, and process the trauma associated with the  crisis by drawing on a range of techniques including musical improvisation, songwriting, singing, sharing stories, and relaxing with music.

Public Speaking

This is program is an initiative by our organization's founder. Young Starr is available to speak to groups, schools, corporations and organizations. She uses her personal experiences in dealing with domestic violence, bringing families together through homelessness, and dealing with serious medical issues in order to expose participants to the detrimental issues of our community and to exhibit the inspirational path necessary to regain control.

A comprehensive life skills training and conflict resolution program geared toward meeting the needs of a variety of people who might be experiencing a life crisis. The program uses volunteers, corporate and celebrity speakers' series to teach valuable life skills (i.e. Motivation, Conflict Management, Drug Avoidance, Respect and Integrity, Leadership, Communication Skills, Money Management, Anger Management).

A civic responsibility training program that teaches youth the importance of community service, volunteerism and philanthropy.

This is our workshop program that utilizes music of all genres to enhance the overall circumstance of the individual in a group or private setting. During our workshops, individuals can hear one another, share their stories, and bond through music relaxation techniques.

"Change the Sound"

Young Starr coaching and teaching "Change the Sound" to licensed therapists on how to use music as a healing tool for their clients and patients. This class took place at Metro New York Recreation and Park Society, Inc.

Recognize The Effects of Abuse

While the effects of abuse on women will vary, many women will experience similar symptoms including the effects of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), those symptoms can include the following.

  • Emotion Lability (sudden outbursts of anger, crying inexplicably, chronic irritability)
  • Nightmares; Sleep Difficulties
  • Sexual Difficulties
  • Numbing and Avoidance
  • Chronic Depression
  • Guilt, Shame and Embarrassment (feels dirty, weak and powerless)
  • Somatic Stress-related Complaints (asthma; migraine headaches; stomach aches, heart palpitations, etc.)
  • Intrusive thoughts, racing thoughts, feeling powerless to stopthoughts about what happened
  • Increased Startle Response
  • Panic Attacks
  • Low Self-esteem and/or low Self-Worth
  • Difficulty Concentrating, Problems with Memory, Cognitive Confusion

Self Care Tips

Self-care is important for your physical and mental health, as well as aiding your mind, body, and soul. Without self-care, your personal relationships with others can suffer tremendously.

  • Let Mother Nurture
  • Don't answer the telephone during dinner
  • Stop trying to please everybody
  • Start pleasing yourself
  • Stay away from negative people
  • Don't squander precious resources; time or creative energy and emotions
  • Nurture friendships
  • Don't be afraid of your passion
  • Approach problems as challenges
  • Honor your aspirations
  • Set achievable goals
  • Surrender expectations
  • Savor beauty
  • Create boundaries
  • For every "yes" let there be a "no"
  • Don't worry, be happy
  • Remember, happiness is a living emotion
  • Exchange security for serenity
  • Care for your soul
  • Cherish your dreams
  • Express love every day
  • Search for your authentic self until you find yourself